06-12-2022: Design of accuracy, bandwidth and weak nonlinearity

Lecture: EE4109-7

Location: Pi

Time: 15:45 - 17:30

color coded resistors

Part 1

  1. Design strategy accurate, wide-band, and low-distortion negative feedback amplifiers

  2. CS stage dynamic behavior

  3. Balanced stages dynamic behavior

  4. Local feedback stages dynamic behavior

  5. CS stage weak nonlinearity

Part 2

  1. The cascode stage

    1. Maximization of stage’s contribution to LP product

    2. Maximization of stage’s contribution to DC loop gain

    3. Minimization of the stage’s contribution to the differential-error to gain ratio

  2. Design strategy multiple stage controller

    1. Minimization of the number of controller stages

    2. Interconnection of stages

    3. Controller design


Design of the signal path of the active antenna’s controller.

  1. Set-up the requirements for the mid-band value of the loop gain, and the loop gain-poles product of the active antenna

  2. Design a valid signal path