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Symbolic Linear Circuit Analysis

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Open-source version of SLiCAP: SLiCAP_python

What it is and why you should use it

  • SLiCAP is an acronym for: S ymbolic Li near C ircuit A nalysis P rogram.

  • SLiCAP is a more than a symbolic network simulation tool: ‘Symbolic SPICE’.

  • SLiCAP helps you setting up and solving design equations of electronic circuits.

  • SLiCAP is free of use licensed under a `Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.


  • Speeds up the circuit engineering process

  • Makes complex symbolic analysis doable

  • Compatible with Jupyter notebooks

  • Integrates documentation and design with many easy to use built-in functions for HTML reports with plots, tables, expressions, etc.

  • Supports design education and knowledge building


  • Accepts SPICE netlists as input

  • Concurrent design and documentation

  • Supports and facilitates Structured Electronic Design


  • Conversion of hierarchical SPICE netlist into a symbolic or numeric matrix

  • Symbolic and numeric dc variance analysis: symbolic statistical DC analysis

  • Symbolic and numeric noise analysis

  • Symbolic and numeric noise integration over frequency

  • Symbolic and numeric determination of transfer functions and polynomial coefficients

  • Symbolic and numeric determination of network solutions

  • Accuate numeric pole-zero analysis

  • Root locus plots with an arbitrary circuit parameter as root locus variable

  • Concurrent stepping of multiple parameters for each type of analysis

  • Generation of HTML project documentation