13-12-2022: Frequency compensation

Lecture: EE4109-9

Location: Pi

Time: 15:45 - 17:30

color coded resistors

Prerequisite knowledge and skills

Frequency compensation with phantom-zeros

Part 1

A short recap of frequency compensation:

  1. Design strategy frequency compensation

  2. Design approach frequency compensation

  3. Phantom-zero compensation

Part 2

  1. Pole-splitting using local feedback

  2. Pole-splitting using pole-zero canceling

  3. Resitive broadbanding

  4. Bandwidth limitation


Frequency compensation of the active antenna.

  1. Determine if frequency compensation is required

  2. If so define a compensation strategy that has a minimum negative impact of other performance aspects, such as noise, drive capability, and energy storage.

  3. Design and implement the compensation

  4. Verify the results